Medical Assistant Certification

Medical Assistant Certification

Medical Assistant Certification

We at think the medical assistant certification process can be daunting in the beginning and we have made it a priority to make it easier an simpler. To do our part we have compiled a point by point guide for earning your certified medical assistant certification once you have completed your accredited CMA program.

Steps to Medical Assistant Certification

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Step 1 – Fulfill Requirements


Category 1 – CMA

One must have graduated from a CAAHEP or ABHES CMA program.

All graduating students must in all cases, will have no more than thirty days to take the medical assistant certification examination. There is not any documentation required and your program director will have to verify that your program completion. Also, be aware there will be a fee of $125 to take the exam.

Category 2 – CMA

If you were a previous graduate of a ABHES or CAAHEP CMA program, you can use your official transcript with a fee of $125 for AAMA members and a fee of $250 for non-members.

Category 3 – CMA

Those looking for Certified Medical Assistant re-certification will not be needed if you provide your certification/license number with your latest date of certification on your application. The fee is also $125 AAMA members and $250 for non members.

Step 2 – Get Organized and Have Documentation Ready

Step 3 – Read and Review Review CMA Certification Exam Policies

Step 4 – Select Personal Start Date of Your 90 Day Window

Step 5 – Check Your Email Regurlarly

Step 6 – Apply for the Medical Assistant Certification Exam

Step 7 – Make any Contact Info Changes Quickly and Accurately

Step 8 – Schedule Your Medical Assistant License Exam Date

Step 9 – Start Preparing CMA Certification Today

Step 10 – Take and Finish the Certification Test

Step 11 – Watch for Your Results for up to 2-3 Months

Step 12 – Your Certification is in the Mail!!!

Medical Assistant Certification Will Change Your Life

With the 29% growth expected over the next decade the time could not be better to receive your medical assistant certification!

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