Become a Medical Assistant

How to Become a Medical Assistant

How to Become a Medical Assistant

In just a few steps we have established at that understanding how to become a medical assistant can be relatively easy. Just follow the stewps below and you will see the path to becoming a certified medical assistant.

It has never looked better than it does right now to become a CMA! So lets not waste anytime! Just click on one of the step and the step’s description will be listed at the bottom.

How to Become a Medical Assistant in a few Steps

Step #1 – Pick, Attend and Graduate From Accredited Program


The first few steps to become a medical assistant are the most important and without them you can go nowhere as a CMA. You must pick, attend and then graduate from an accredited program.

Find Medical Assistant Programs

CMA Category 1

Graduate from a CAAHEP or ABHES medical assistant program. All your course practicum has to be verified by your program director. The fee for the test is $125.

CMA Category 2

CAAHEP or ABHES Certified Medical Assistant but it was not recent. This means you then can use your educational transcripts and then pay the necessary $125 fee for AAMA members and a fee of $250 for all non AAMA members.

CMA Category 3

The fees for testing are $125 for all AAMA members and $250 for all non-members. You will just need to provide your certificate number for those looking for re-certification eligibility.

Step #2 – Get All Necessary Documentation Organized

Step #3 – Read and Follow Exam Guidelines and Rules

Step #4 – Get Your 90 Day Window Start Date

Step #5 – Stay Connected Through Email

Step 6 – Fill out Application for Certification Exam

Step #7 – Maintain Contact Information

Step #8 – Choose and Schedule Your Testing Date

Step #9 – Prep for the Certification Test

Step #10 – Take and Pass the Certification Exam

Step #11 – Results for up to 10 Weeks so Keep Your Eyes Open for Them

Step #12 – Be on the Look out for Your Certificate!!!

It has Never Been a Better Time to Become a medical Assistant is committed to assisting those who want to become a medical assistant and cannot wait to see you succeed in the wonderful world of CMAs!

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